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To implement a project on GBV GO undertook rapid needs assessment from March 24-March 31 to understand the situation of gender norms and gender- based violence in Yirgachefe woreda.  The needs assessment used qualitative research methodology using desk reviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) with community members (women and girls) and government representatives using pre-selected discussion points.  Results from the FGDs and reviews made in general indicated that women and girls in the area suffer immensely from GBV which is mainly the outcome of biased gender perception in the society. It was found that intimate partner violence is a common feature characterizing the lives of most married women in the three kebele.. Similarly, forced underage marriage, abduction, statutory rape and manipulating adolescent girls for sex are also widespread in the assessed kebeles. To read details of the needs assessment report, see below links.

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Main intervrntion focus

1.Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

2.Socio-economic empowerment of women

3.Environment and Climate change

4.Women and Children rights


6.Health care services






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