About Gate for Opportunity(GO) 


About us
Gate for Opportunity (GO) is a local board-led non-governmental organization registered on July, 2019 based on the new Civil Society Organization Proclamation number 1113/2019 with the registration number of 4243.  GO works towards the improvement of the well-being of women and children in four regional states; SNNPR, Oromia, Tigray and Amhara and one city administration-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

GO aspires to see a holistically transformed and economically empowered society where individuals lead a healthy and productive life regardless of sex and age differences.

It has a mission to advance the living standard of women/girls and children by means of education, advocacy, trainings and livelihood improvement interventions. It particularly focuses on rural women and children.

The ultimate goal of GO is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Ethiopia by promoting and ensuring equal access of basic livelihood opportunities, education access and quality health service for women and children.

Strategic objectives
GO has the following strategic objectives



GO has financial manual and every financial has financial manual and every financial transaction such as budget request, approval and endorsement are strictly followed based on the procedures of the financial manual. Additionally, GO has all the requisite financial systems and is subject to a mandatory financial audit every year. The financial manual in general puts a system that provides adequate internal control over the resources of the organization to enhance the efficiency of the overall management of its operations in place.

Core values
GO strives to maintain and advance the following core values

  • Integrity and honesty: maintain high ethical standards and professionalism
  • Quality: ensures best working standards
  • Diversity and inclusiveness: becoming a role model in embracing all types of diversity and respect for pluralistic society
  • Justice and fairness: protecting human rights and social justice; valuing people from every background without discriminating in any basis
  • Accountability and  transparency: being responsible and clear at individual and organization level
  • Executive leadership: credit senses of shared vision, mission and corporate objectives
  • Team spirit: credit synergy and collective achievements
  • Intolerance for corruption: zero tolerance for corruption


Main intervrntion focus

1.Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

2.Socio-economic empowerment of women

3.Environment and Climate change

4.Women and Children rights


6.Health care services



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Contact Us

Mobile :+251-93-94-94-73Mobile :+251-93-94-94-74Email: seble@gateforoppttunity.org

P.O.Box:9488, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Website: gateforopportuniy.org



  • Face book :/GO-Gate-for-Opportunity